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Anybody have any experience of Lynx or Micro Avionics intercoms?

I’m looking to fit a microlight intercom in my open cockpit machine and am looking at both Lynx and Micro Avionics systems.

I know the systems are compatible, just looking for the experiences of users out there.
lobstaboy wrote:I think Lynx have ceased trading.

I've used both Lynx and MicroAvionics and couldn't really say whether one was better than the other, although I do prefer Lynx headsets- a bit more comfortable.

I understand that another Company in the NW have taken over their business from the administrator but that is a consideration. How long they will continue production / support etc.

They are also significantly more expensive than Micro Avionics. Just wondering if the difference is worth it?
I'm afraid the answer is , now at least, I don't know. I've used Lynx for many years and have found them excellant and the backup service very good indeed.
But, there always a but isn't ther, as has been said they have been taken over and I understand the previous owner is no longer involved. So it could be a whole new ball game?
On the other hand all the folks I know who use Micro Avioncs seem to like them particularly those who wear a helmet. I understand that the inbuilt headsets in those are very good.
I have the Lynx Relai system. Recently, the outer sheathing of the “curly” cable cracked at bit. I sent it to them, they renewed the cable and fitted BNC couplings to the ends as requested, free of charge. It is a great bit of kit.