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defcribed wrote:What are you doing looking at a screen as you join the circuit?

I always look at the screen when entering the circuit.

At Old Buckenham it's the size of a decent cross country anyway ;) Plenty of time :lol:

Rob P
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I fly with SD + PAW, and whilst generally relying purely on audio alerts vs looking at the screen

Perhaps this is exacerbated by relying on audio alerts so much that I never really have to look at the screen to see traffic/traffic icons

@defcribed there is a certain irony to your posts, in that if I spent more time actually looking at the tablet vs out the window I'd be more familiar with the traffic icons and would, therefore, be less likely to make the mistake of misidentifying the circuit icon or needing to make this thread. But don't let that get in the way of an opportunity to make a dig. Happy flying :thumleft:
Not a dig at all mate. I just think you should be looking out of the window when arriving at an aerodrome. There's plenty of stuff out there that won't show on your screen, not least of all me in a PA17 with no electrical system and no txpndr (just a 12v battery powering a single com radio).

I'm as big a fan of SkyDemon as the next man, but for a VFR arrival I cannot see any reason to look at it once I have the field in sight.
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