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Re: Infringements

PostPosted:Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:42 pm
by Cub
peterh337 wrote:The new CAA regime will severely affect GA in the UK.

From all the evidence I have seen the 'new CAA regime' identifies those few pilots that have had multiple infringements and/or generate significant levels of risk as a result of an infringement. If that has the effect on GA of removing risk from the activity that we all love then, personally, I am very content, particularly if this can be achieved via education, lesson learning and a 'Just Culture' rather than utilising the courts and draconian fines.

Peter, you have spent literally pages and pages of effort both on your own forum and now on here trying to rubbish the process, as applied to you, yet generally, have attracted very little empathy amongst significant numbers of fellow GA pilots. When a respected fellow forumite and moderator finally suggested that the whole process has badly affected you and made you bitter, you turn on him in the same aggressive way, you have addressed everyone who has suggested the real world may not be against you in quite the way you perceive it.

Given that, by admission, you have been involved in multiple infringement events and yet clearly feel none of the process, as applied to you, has had any positive impact in terms of education and demonstrably has not stopped your repeated transgressions, then perhaps it is time to stop and examine your own behaviours?

Re: Infringements

PostPosted:Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:09 pm
by flybymike
As far as I know Peter has had two infringement events.

Multiple references by you to his “multiple” “repeated” infringements is a little over the top.

I have considerable “empathy” with his view point, and the significant number on here who do not, simply reflect what I (and others) would term as the significant “establishment” membership on this particular forum.

Re: Infringements

PostPosted:Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:26 pm
by Full Metal Jackass
tomshep wrote:So the problem is due to having three Ipads in play at once, is it? Time to start switching off some of the tinsel and start remembering how to fly properly. It requires concentration.

No, as far as I understand it, this club has / had multiple iPads which it lent to PICs to use. Each defaulted to different settings. As I don't use SD but another Moving Map software, I can't comment, just that I became aware of the email warning about the possibility of infringement....

Re: Infringements

PostPosted:Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:33 pm
by defcribed
I think that's a bit harsh Cub and you're personalising the debate. His position garners more empathy than you might think - a lot of people stay silent because they don't want to attract attention to themselves in case they infringe in the future.

He flies a lot more than most of us and when it comes to infringements caused by inattention then all others being equal that is going to be essentially a function of how many hours one flies.

Maybe he could pay more attention. I'm sure we all could. But do you genuinely think sitting in a classroom looking at the latest NATS 'spectaculars' and going over simple flight planning is helpful for people like him?

Re: Infringements

PostPosted:Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:02 pm
Numerous people post the same nice soundbites, but do you not see they mean nothing unless they are based on data you have but is not in the public domain.

The mistrust is just increasing.

For goodness sake at least can we agree that any informed assessment is impossible without the data?

And this is all meant to be done under the guise of promoting safety!

Re: Infringements

PostPosted:Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:18 pm
by Flyin'Dutch'

You've had an offer to speak with the organ grinder so I propose you pursuit that route.

From reading here I understand that there were two options to those who call the shots

1. To prosecute everyone
2. Offer to those who have infringed but are not in the most serious category can do a course rather than be prosecuted and end up with a criminal record.

The cases prosecuted end up in court and therefore eventually all details will become available.

Those who are not are not in the public domain as such.

I think, and have written several times, that more information would be very good. That does not mean that I think the whole CAA/ICG/GASCO process is somehow wrong.

For those who have not had quite enough of bashing folks feel free to start on page 1 of this thread.