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By flybymike
Me and Mrs. fbm usually take our small dog flying with us.

Some airfields are horrified.

Does anyone happen to know if Duxford is dog friendly?

And for that matter does anyone know of other dog friendly airfields, or conversely those which are not?

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By Flyin'Dutch'
flybymike wrote:
And for that matter does anyone know of other dog friendly airfields, or conversely those which are not?

Dunno about Duxford but would imagine any airfield where you fly into would in principle be OK as long as you keep Mutt on the lease.

Well behaved dog likely to upset the locals less than poor behaved kids.

Maybe a good reason for PPR?

Sadly one cannot use the animal passport for bringing le chien to the Continent otherwise you would be most welcome at our place and I would buy you a beer and cake.
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By Miscellaneous
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Well behaved dog likely to upset the locals less than poor behaved kids.

FD, it's a fallacy to think the behaviour of the kids and dogs are the issue. :D
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By Lockhaven
GonzoEGLL wrote:For arrivals by car, I’m pretty sure Duxford allow only assistance dogs into the museum grounds.

So the dog is listed as your copilot because it is your guide dog, climb out of the aircraft with a white stick, that should get them all thinking, especially when you ask them to point you in right direction towards the museum :lol:
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By nickwilcock
At Aero Expo, Wycombe Air Park, one of the stallholders had a very well behaved young French Bulldog with her. A friendly little dog, very quiet and on his leash at all times. That sort of dog behaviour shouldn't be a problem to anyone really.

But how does an aerodrome decide how to rule on dogs? Noisy, excitable animals would be a pain, but so would noisy, excitable kids. At least the former can be kept on a leash though...

Perhaps it's best just to ring up and ask, stressing your dog's behaviour with strangers, its 'aerodrome sense' and your responsibility for ensuring that you'd clear up any mess that it might make?

Of course some people are frightened of large dogs and other may have allergies, so bear that in mind when ringing.
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By Rob P

Guide dogs, hearing dogs and other recognized assistance dogs are welcome. There is a poop and scoop facility in the car park. Please follow signs to ‘Shaded area for dogs’. Staff will assist in making drinking water available, and in directing to designated spend areas once on site.

Rob P
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By flybymike
Thanks for that Rob.

I’m guessing that telling them there is nowt wrong with my dog’s hearing won’t cut the mustard, and that “ordinary” dogs are not welcome.

I emailed them with the enquiry and received the following helpful response....

If your enquiry is non-urgent it may take us a little longer to respond. While we do try to answer enquiries about the museum and items in its collections if the information cannot be found online, regrettably, we do not have the resources to give individual responses to the thousands of requests for other information we receive each year.

Might try ringing them, if no joy, well, their loss I suppose.
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By Paul_Sengupta
The big thing in America at the moment is "emotional support" animals.

It's a way of getting your pet onto airliners and into all sorts of places they're not normally allowed...just claim they are your "emotional support" animal.
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By TheFarmer
A large number of people would say that a dog should be relaxing in a kennel with a nice bowl of water and a juicy bone to chew* when its owner goes off to an active airfield, for lots of reasons.

* Or a piece of bark for the hipster vegan canines out there.

Oh, and...

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Don't they say that the crew of a modern airliner should be one pilot and one dog? The pilot being there to feed the dog and the dog being there to bite the pilot if he touches any of the controls.
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By kanga
Only assistance dogs allowed into the JAM buildings, but dogs on leads welcome outside (including fly-ins, I assume; I'm not sure we've had any). Water bowls available by the main entrance; on hot days we normally put the first one out at the beginning of the day, and try to keep them topped up and refreshed. Bins available outside, including by the picnic tables by the airside fence.
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