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By Longfinal
I’ve been reading this and the other threads on the subject. So far as I can tell, the issue is something like this: the level of reported infringements keeps rising, the Regulator wants to improve the situation and has a twig (Awareness Course), a stick (suspension) and an iron rod (prosecution). Some people don’t seem to agree there is a significant problem and that the twig is breaking the camel’s back so are hacking away at the tree the twig came from.

Perhaps it’s time for another level of approach. Make the revalidation hour with an instructor meaningful. Have a required standard which covers, as a minimum, flight planning, nav (both GPS and traditional for when that goes wrong) emergencies and circuit joining. That would address a host of issues that I see in GA but would, no doubt be met with much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the “highly experienced “ (high hours doesn’t necessarily equate to high competence).
By johnm
@gaznav There is a bit missing from those stats: the severity level and actions taken within each category and an explanation for any inconsistencies in outcome.
By johnm
@TheFarmer AOPA is mainly about Owners, but Pilots are welcome too :D
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By ThePipster
TheFarmer wrote::scratch:

I thought this thread was about the Arrogant Old Pilots Association, not infringements.

It would appear that currently all roads end up at the same destination. Infringement discussions seem to be de riguer this week!