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Thanks Joff you’ve answered many questions .

But contact phone number in 2019 summer edition still just rings..,,then cuts out .

I’ve got clued up to work on large iPad which will have to do if it’s the only way.

On lap top with fancy sound effect page turner involves far too much scrolling and zooming to fit pages onto a screen format that doesn’t match.

I think someone else further up the thread found this a PITA.

I thought I had a subscription but that must be for something else .

Oh and for the avoidance of all doubt, I am not being critical of the Clued Up publication itself: Having just waded on-screen through the Summer edition from virtual cover to virtual cover, I found it a first class read, with every item/article relevant to GA today.

In fact there is more 'good stuff' in less than 40 pages than, dare I say it, GA magazines available in the UK today.

My beef is that I can't seem to get hold of a paper copy, the format it is designed and originally created in,.

Others may be happy trying to relax reading stuff off a bright (usually small) screen, I am not.

Peter :wink:
MachFlyer wrote:Charles H

I agree & its the fear of infringing that is one of the main reasons that I take it with me on my solo flights, I still do the nav via my chart & timer & looking out of the window but if I get brain overload, easily done with me, I know there is a tool there to help me out before it all goes pear shaped, obvs if GPS wasn’t with me there are other tools like D&D etc but at this stage of my training I just like having it there.

MachFlyer, when I learned to fly my flying school had a lost procedure for their training areas that meant a solo student could find their way home. It would work for a radio failure where cannot contact D&D etc , and it would work during GPS jamming or equipment failure.
I don't know if it was a requirement for the flying school to have such a procedure written down for their area of if someone thought it would be sensible.
Worth discussing with your instructor.

For example: which way could you steer to guarantee to be going away from CAS? which way could you steer to find an easily recognisable ground feature to re-orientate yourself (such as a motorway, coastline, large town etc. Rising terrain/obstacle/danger area considerations? ....

Enjoy your flying :)
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Our school had a similar procedure to find Ipswich airport if lost in the training area which was to fly due East till the East coast, then turn south, follow the coastline till massive port (Felixstowe) then turn right up the river Orwell.
Fly up the Orwell keeping to the north shore till the Orwell road bridge and hey presto!, there was the Airport.

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By MachFlyer
My instructor now and again, after doing some air work etc, quite often said where are we now? At first i quite often didn't have a clue to be quite honest as we had sometimes moved a little away from where i knew we had started, in those cases he would walk me through to find out where i was exactly by using what are, to me now, easily identifiable features around the area. He is always pointing out features in relation to various pieces of airspace (ie if to fly any further North of a particular feature you need to ensure you have got clearance to enter that airspace etc or remain south of it until you are cleared.

Whenever i fly i start and end in controlled airspace so the teaching around that is rightly quite extensive i have found, but it does lead slightly to a little "fear of infringing" which is probable not a bad thing as it means i don't take it lightly. Thanks for your thoughts it all helps i believe.
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By kanga
MachFlyer wrote:Just as a little addition to the above if i have total radio failure i can't "go home" i have to divert as i can't get clearance back into the airspace (could possibly try to telephone tower) :shock:

happened to me; not as it turned out radio failure but alternator switch failure, and I'd failed to notice ammeter on discharge until radio went dead. Flying North from Speke whose Zone was then 'Rule 21'. I diverted to Blackpool, observed Signals Square from above Zone, slotted into traffic pattern for indicated runway, did low pass along runway waggling wings, got 'return for landing' light, and on next approach got 'clear to land' light. After taxiing in and parking, I went to 'C' to book in and then up to tower to apologise to ATCO. He was completely unfazed - all in a day's work, part of the training, lamps checked daily, radio failures common, etc. :thumright:

Except in truly lousy weather when VFR-only pilots should really not be flying, it's quite difficult not to find Staverton with all the natural and manmade features. I guess that's why so many schools based elsewhere use it for student landaways.

[RAF procedure in East of England, if lost but in sight of surface (as explained to me in '60s):

a. if over water fly West; carry on inland past coast, until you see the A1; arbitrarily turn N or S to follow A1; within 5 minutes you'll find a RAF airfield with a Signals Square and 2-letter identification (both should have been kept clearly legible even if airfield now disused). You now know where you are.

b. if over land, fly East until you see A1 or coast; in either case use appropriate part of procedure at a., ie if at A1 turn N or S, if at coast do 180 to fly West then look for A1 :) ]
By MachFlyer
I’m sure you never got lost Kanga, uncertain of your position maybe :D

If I do get lost ooop North I can use that trick, West to the coast then follow coast South until I bump into some massive red cranes at Seaforth!
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By FlightDek
MachFlyer wrote:then follow coast South until I bump into some massive red cranes at Seaforth!

Are you based at Liverpool like me, then?

By MachFlyer
FlightDek wrote:Maybe I've seen you there? I used to fly a PA28 (G-BCCF), now I fly a 182 (G-EFAM). What's your steed?


Hi Dek

still a student so whatever the school has available at the moment, i'll keep an eye out for G-AM