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CloudHound wrote:I’m reading this on a train about to pull into Kemble rail station so interesting to see the aerial photo heading the article.

Yes a lot has been happening.

I’ve just not been telling you :wink: :thumleft:

Well if thats what you call "a lot has been happening" then no wonder the CAA is living in the dark ages.

8 years ago we were first certified and flying LPV approaches in our long range bizjet to many airports around the world, in fact we used to fly from the USA and land at a small airport south of Paris (Orlean) using an LPV approach.
But here we are 8 years later and still the UK CAA is arguing over the merits and building a safety case for having them installed at UK GA airports, not forgetting the fees for doing nothing :roll:
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Hmmm I see the name Mark Swan ……..again.....

Isn’t he moving onto lead airspace modernisation in other areas now?
When I say 'a lots been happening' that refers to effort in connection with CAP1616 ACP submissions.

No longer a CAA employee, I am in a permanent state of frustration that work I and many others did to produce CAP1122 culminating its launch at AeroExpo 2014 at Sywell has yet to bear fruit.

That said, a few applications are at least descending towards the IAF if not actually at the FAF.

I know it's not what people want to hear but we will get here SHMG.
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Excellent news. Well done :thumleft:

All LPV instrument approaches in Europe have a system minima of 200’ so the FAA “cock a snook’ two hundred is no longer required.

To save me looking at you plates what is the lowest OCA?

The EASA PBN Implementing Rule will require PBN for all IAPs so you are compliant ahead of unlike some Big Airports I can’t name.
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