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By patowalker
carlmeek wrote:Isn’t it about the class of aeroplane rather than the class of license?

Yes and that is covered in the new basic regulation:
4b. Training and experience on aircraft not subject to this Regulation may be recognised for the
purpose of obtaining the pilot licence referred to in paragraph 2, in accordance with the
implementing measures adopted pursuant to Article 21a.

If you search for the key words ULM, microlight and ultralight in this CRD, you will see how many stakeholders, including NAAs, have requested microlight hours to be included. We won't know what is decided until the publication of the new version of 1178/2011.
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By carlmeek
Before attempting an 'upgrade path chart' I thought a summary of licenses side-by-side is in order. There's probably a million things wrong with it, and a million things missing, but here it is for a start.

Regarding things like SLMGs and helicopters, I see those as out of scope.

Comments appreciated.
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By patowalker
At first glance:

France no longer accepts the NPPL SSEA with an ICAO Class 2 Medical.

A microlight 'rating' on a LAPL is only valid in UK airspace.
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By patowalker
The NPPL website is out of date. The French removed it when the LAPL was introduced. Makes sense, because a NPPL SSEA could be converted to a LAPL in a paper exercise.
By B1engineer
Ssea is valid for easa gp A aircraft at least up until April 2020.
Also I read somewhere national licences could fly N reg aircraft within uk.
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By patowalker
Hi Carl,

In the path from NPPL M to NPPL SSEA, rather than '1 hour instument flying', I think it should be 'instrument appreciation'.

You show a LAPL as being valid for flying Microlights in Europe. This is not the case. The CAA has deemed valid a Part FCL licence to fly microlights after differences training, but that validity does not extend beyond UK airspace.
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By lobstaboy
This is looking really useful Carl.

Can you emphasize "Minimum Training" rather than just "training".

Also, do we know that the conversion routes have actually been done by anybody?