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By Hairyplane
We spend around 12 weeks a year in our holiday home ( retirement is just great :thumleft: ) near to the airstrip on Hvar. Primarily used for skydiving we do see numerous visiting aircraft also, often from the UK. Since retiring from display flying, and actually ‘Nobby No Planes’ right now, I would be keen to cost share here if anybody decides to visit, happy with talking ballast and keen to expand their joke repertoire. In return, we have car, boat and a good local knowledge.
It’s 32C here right now, the sea is warming quickly.. best pizzas on the planet..great beer..lowest rainfall in Europe...Paradise!
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By Stampe
Knowing you HP you will not be “Nobby no planes” for long.A wing folding 3 axis 2 seater might be fun!
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By Lefty
It might be useful if you could update the airfields section of 5his forum, and SkyDemon with any relevant local knowledge.
Useful phone numbers / email addresses
airport opening hours,
landing and parking fees
Local taxi / hotel info
Customs availability etc
Your contact info.

I’ve flown to Croatia. We stayed in Brac and Losinj - and visited Hvar on a boat trip from Brac. If we had had more info, we would have flown to Hvar.
By Pilot Pete
There's a slim but possible chance that our annual flying holiday will bring us that far.
Perhaps we should chat.
I'll PM in the week
By stickandrudderman
On a tangient:
I bought a block of land near that airfield 15 years ago. It was in a "permitted building zone". For personal reasons I never did anything with it and now have to sell it.
Imagine my horror when I discover that the local municipality have re-designated it as agricultural land......
Croatia; beautiful place to visit but boy does their beaurocracy need a shake up!
By Hairyplane
Details of the Operator here -
It’s all pretty laid back with few movements. I guess the strip is 1000m+ dirt but not too rough. I have seen a TBM700 go in there. Seven aircraft there the other day.
Just put our RIB in the water so, if we are here ( we alternate every 2 weeks between here and Blighty) plenty of opportunities to cool off in one of the lovely turquoise bays.
PM to coordinate pick ups. I can help with accommodation- plenty of Air B&Bs here.