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Can anyone advise if there is any difference between the iCOM & Yaseau handheld radios to justify the price difference?
I am looking for a backup handheld radio that my headset will plug into and with VOR capability just in case the electrics in the Pup go down.

Secondly, can anyone recommend a flight bag? Seems a silly question but I am concerned that many flight bags store delicate headsets at the ends where they would be vulnerable to accidents. I am not looking for a "Louis Vuitton " flight bag, just something functional that will protect headsets, radio, electronic computer, whizzy wheel, charts, flight guides, knee pads etc.
Many thanks,
Hi Steve.
I don't think that you should be bluffed into thinking that the Yaesu is inferior , just because it is extremely well priced .
My old Icom IC-A3 was replaced with a Yaesu FTS-550 and it does appear to be an excellent little txmttr/receiver unit . Has loads of functions and settings and works really well.

Although I did rather kick myself after buying it , as I didn't realise that they do a similar model but even better priced because it doesn't have the VOR function. Which is something I really don't need .
I certainly have no regrets about not buying another Icom and like you , was surprised at the Icom's rather high price .

As for flight bags ... :D . Well , my cockpit is quite 'cosy' and rather open . So the back of my car tends to be my 'ersatz' flightbag .

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The Yaesu handhelds are excellent radios. I have one as permanent install in my aircraft and it is far better than the old Icom IC22E that it replaced. I bought the FTA-750 as it was going for a very good price at the time and although I've no real need for the VOR facility I've tried it on the Clacton VOR and it seems to work very nicely. It's very easy to program via a PC as well.

Yaesu may not be too well known in aviation but more or less any amateur radio enthusiast will tell you that their gear is the mutt's nuts.
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MarkOlding wrote:Steve,
Don't buy a specific aviation bag, I went to TX Maxx who have a big selection of ruck sacks and got one that did everything i / you have asked for at a cost of £32.

5p. Worked for me, I kid you not.

When I started PPL training on 1992 I also used one of these/free/ bags.

After a couple of weeks the flight school proprietor told me to buy a flight bag as I was lowering the tone of the place,

Fortunately Christmas was imminent and Santa bought me a hard flight case. (Well meaning relative)
Not long after ( but just long enough not to upset the donor) I bought a soft Jepp bag.

My hard case went on to have a 20 year successful second life carrying my Private Patients notes to the Clinic :lol:

Peter :roll:
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Yaesu FTA750 works well for me, excellent build quality and seems to have more range.. Not sure I'll ever use the ILS function but its there if I do inadvertantly go IMC and want to do a let down :lol:

Dedicated 'Pilot' bags are unnecessary, just use something that keeps all your gear in one place. Will be a lot cheaper if hasn't got any aviation connection, just like lifejackets etc. I got 2 Baltic Lifejackets from Amazon at almost half the price of 2 unknown aviation brand LJs advertised on a popular 'pilot' store..
Thank you all for such a wealth of knowledge and experience

OK, so it is a Yaesu,

What is the difference between the 550 and the 750?

WIth regard to the Flight Bag, I want something a bit more substantial to protect my Zulu Lightspeed ANR headsets. Will visit TK Max and have a look see.

Once again, many thanks.

MarkOlding wrote:Steve,
Don't buy a specific aviation bag, I went to TX Maxx who have a big selection of ruck sacks and got one that did everything i / you have asked for at a cost of £32.

And if you want a pair of white leather flying gloves, Wilkinson Hardware do them disguised as 'gardening gloves' for £3.99p.
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