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I have just received this from participant in the Normandy commemorations:


I hope you are both well. I am afraid I have a request for help.

I am currently at Abbeville in France with my cub and 3 other cubs flying to a large wartime cub event at St Andre l'Eure. Tomorrow the weather is due to be severe (50mph winds which is too much for our cubs) so we are desperately trying to find safe haven within 1 hours flight from St Andre. With your extensive knowledge of French airfields, do you know of any airfields that may have hangarage or have strong tie downs within 70miles of St Andre l'Eure?

I would appreciate info or recommendations!

Regards as ever,

Gary Jackson

Any suggestions please direct to
I’m not sure if this helps but the Autorouter Bot gives the following:

LFFD - Saint Andre de l Eure 1NM WSW
LFOE - Fauville 7NM NNW
HDRE - [H] Dreux Centre hospitalier 11NM SSE
LFON - Dreux Vernouillet 12NM SSE
LFFC - Mantes Cherence 19NM ENE
2834 - Pierres 21NM SSE
LFPF - Beynes Thivernal 25NM E
LFOL - L Aigle Saint Michel 25NM WSW
LF04 - Fontaine Simon 25NM SSW
LFXU - Les Mureaux 27NM ENE

I hope this helps!
Hi there,

Unfortunately Im based a little further south than these chaps need, near bordeaux. My first port of call in their shoes would be to talk to the local Aeroclubs on the field first, as they may be able to directly help or point them in the direction of somewhere that can - if it were my aeroclub someone would be bound to be able to point you at the right person or place... Of course they may not speak English, so first find a French speaker who can make some calls for you!!

As others have mentioned, then get calling the aeroclub numbers in the VAC for surrounding airfields - I would suggest the smaller ones might have space over the bigger airfields.

Regards, SD..
Maybe it's too late, but you'd be welcome at Chartres - can put you in contact with chief pilot and/or president if need be.

The Telegraph France correspondent also flies there.
I am not sure of the outcome, but I believe they have probably been accommodated at a nearby military airfield. Thanks again to all who came forward with helpful suggestions.
The synoptic chart for tomorrow in Normandy is dire; certainly not Cub weather.