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The 'Let's not bother with regulation' thread had me wondering what regulatory/procedural change would make flying more fun. As suggested by @BobUpanddown I've started a new thread for your ideas.

I doubt everyone will be bothered by the same things, so what is it specifically about current procedures or regulation that is draining the fun of flying from your tanks?

To kick off, I'll list a few of mine

- PPR and yellow jackets
- CAA requirement to fill in forms every so often to continue using some of the privileges of my FAA certificate (other EASA states do not require this, it's entirely homegrown rubbish)
- The regulatory framework that makes it difficult to establish approaches to non ATC airfields
- Airfields that roll their runways up and make them unavailable when they go home
- Lack of PCL availability in the winter
- Expensive mandatory handling

My list is similar to G-BLEW interestingly, except the FAA nonsense doesn't affect me… and it took me a second or two to translate PCL into Pilot Controlled Lighting...

I'd add lack of joined up ATC and airspace policy and management.
The exclusion of the airfields I use to fly to regularly ie: Bournemouth,Southampton,Bristol,Birmingham,Manchester (int) ,Norwich etc

Overbearing FISO's who think they are working Heathrow Tower.

A/Gs' who think they are FISO's

Only 2 ATSU needed, ATC or A/G



The 12hr /2 yr reval

The 1hr P/uT

Probably a few more will pop up later.
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Delete the requirement to Revalidate by Test solely because a signature is a bit late even though all the experience requirements have been met.
Instead, use the (you're ahead of me on this, I can tell...) model of the FAA system; a flight review with any old instructor in any old aeroplane resets the clock, whether before or after a particular date.

Critically review whether the requirement for Special Branch 12 hour notice to travel TO the Common Travel Area is any longer of any practical security value. Delete if a compelling case cannot in fact be made for it.

Critically review whether the requirement for Special Branch 12 hour notice to travel FROM the CTA is still valid. Reduce to a more practical time period if not; propose 4 hours to allow Police attendance - that's sufficient for Border Force from the EU, and a common notice period helps clarification - why does the origin being the CTA make any practical difference?

Remove the requirement to travel to/from the Channel Islands only from a Designated or Cert of Agreement Airfield. Allow from anywhere, including strips.

Remove any regulation for which the implications and compliance requirements cannot be clearly and unambiguously described in fewer than 4 short sentences. If it needs a complex table with footnotes, it's right out.

Make regulatory changes only after a scrupulously fair and holistic cost-benefit analysis that explicitly and proportionately includes Private GA.

Remove ATZs /CAS when airfields are closed. Do this in a simple and unambiguous manner.

Tar and feather people who submit obscure or unnecessary NOTAMs. (Well, taunt them mercilessly at least). (If they are French, and have raised a single NOTAM that apparently covers the entire country even though it relates only to one small location on the Med and another on the Channel coast, taunt them a second time).

Implement the same penalties as above for official communications that do not fail to avoid using double negatives. (I may have got that sentence construction wrong. Who knows?)

Make the NOTAM system fit for the 21st Century. The "We must do it this way. It's got to be suitable for TTY transmission" claim was wearing thin 20 years ago. Anything that bounds airspace, whether complex or simple, to be made available in easily accessible graphical form online (not just an AIC PDF) as well as in a common agreed format for moving maps and planning systems.

Make TMG conversion from SEP (and vice versa) Differences Training, not a Class Rating.

Allow 3 axis microlight hours to count for EASA Reval by Experience.

Generally cull Part.FCL to remove the ambiguities and poor drafting. Example: If it's not in explicitly in a Clause, it's not a necessity e.g. instructors signatures required for everything, or not?

Consolidate and greatly simplify revalidation requirements across Licences and Ratings - one solution, proportionate and easily understood by all.

More votes for:
- Kill the cult of PPR at "normal" airfields and any perceived "rules" that drive it. (Noting that privately run strips such as those operating on the 28 day rule, or which are dual use, or which are simply private, do have a good reason for PPR)
- Outlaw the scam (because that's what it is) of charging for an unnecessary service, in which often nothing of value is provided anyway. Or "Mandatory Handling" as it is otherwise known.
- Determine what drives airfields to ban out of hours movements. If it is a procedural or regulatory constraint outside the airfield's control, remove whatever that is.
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foxmoth wrote:
yellow jackets

I have to confess to largely ignoring this when flying light aircraft unless someone makes a fuss! :twisted:

Likewise. Visits in the last couple of weeks include Guernsey, Jersey, La Rochelle and Tours - all 'proper' airports and not once did my hi-viz jacked come out. It lives in the bag just in case.

Surely if it were a critical matter of safety then airport staff would have been rushing to protect us as we made our way, invisible, across the tarmac. Or more realistically they might have asked me to put one on - which they didn't.

I rather like the Sywell idea of fining you for wearing one.

Others have largely covered mine. In order of priority for me:

1. Lack of uniform and joined-up radar coverage OCAS.
2. Airports not allowing out-of-hours operation, or wanting to change you for providing AFIS/ATC out of hours because of a perceived 'duty of care'.
3. Lack of PCL which makes the night rating all-but useless unless you're planning to fly to 'proper airports' all the time. This further makes night currency for pax carriage hard to keep up.
4. PPR
5. 12 hours notice for Channel Islands
6. Yellow jackets
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Above are great ideas which would lessen red tape and certainly make my flying more fun.

I would add that it is about time that the non commercial licences were simplified at least for single engined aircraft (including 3 axis microlights). I would suggest a maybe a 600kg and above definition but even this is possibly not necessary.

I would also welcome changes that would enable real flying clubs to return with instructors (CRIs?) who can teach to PPL level etc without the need to indulge in commercial level training themselves.
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