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might have found it in under 10 minutes, grateful if someone could check:
Regarding UK PPL with LAPL medical: Article 160 of ANO basically says "NO"... but as a flash of hope, mentions the "No" is subject to Article 163. If you don't give up, article 163 seems to say Yes.... my added bits in italic bold, and the LAPL medical bit underlined by me:

(2) Subject to paragraph (7) (to do with night vision and flying at night), the holder of a specified licence (NPPL or UK issued pre JAA PPL) , or of a licence which includes the privileges of a specified licence, may exercise any of the privileges of the specified licence if the holder has— (a) a valid medical certificate issued under article 161; (b) a medical certificate granted under Section 2 of Subpart A of Part-MED, including one which is valid for a Light Aircraft Pilot Licence issued under Part-FCL; or (c) made a medical declaration in accordance with paragraph (3) which has not ceased to be valid in accordance with paragraph (4) and the holder complies with the conditions in paragraph (5).
It would be truly bizarre that a self declared medical declaration requiring no medical examination is acceptable, and yet a medical certificate following such an examination is not.
But then that’s what the situation is with an LAPL medical and FCL PPL so nothing amazes me. :roll:
@flybymike Yes but the people who did that are sitting around in Cologne with crayons drawing road maps, not interested in timely fixing real issues in anything other than airways flying and you are not expected to do that on a lapl medical. The people in London and Gatwick haven't time to sit with crayons and instead try to do what they can to keep non airways pilots in the air until the 8-10 year long colouring in competition ends.
However, if you read article 163 as I do, you were correct.