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Hi hopefully someone knows,
I passed the jar part fcl pplA license in October 2000 i let it lapse but want to renew it again, I've had instruction in a 172 but can only get a lapl medical, do I have to do a complete lapl skills test to convert from ppl to lapl then 10 hour's solo flying before taking passengers or a proficiency test and swap my license?.. sorry it's long winded thought I'd ask here before emailing the caa...many thanks.
HI Darren

You can already fly in the UK on the strength of having a UK PPL and a LAPL Medical. If you want to fly abroad and possibly after April 2020 you need to convert your licence to an EASA one (or another licence if we crash out of the EU without a deal)

Skills test and application for a LAPL and that is it (as well as the LAPL Medical of course)

A competent instructor/examiner to guide you through the paperwork is all you need really!

Welcome back to flying.

I think Joe Dell was just trying to be funny with the notion that a the UK CAA does issue licences but not licenses (American spelling)
It’s training as required at an ATO or DTO to pass a SEP class rating proficiency check (not a skills test)

Then apply for LAPL with LAPL medical on basis of converting your JAR PPL
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:You can already fly in the UK on the strength of having a UK PPL and a LAPL Medical.

It sounds like the OP has a JAR PPL not a UK PPL which may well have expired so is not usable - needs careful checking
Reading exemption ors4 1283, I think there is a better than 50% chance that an easa ppl could be issued in this case on a self declare medical in order to wait to see what happens with licences and medicals over the next few months. There are two reasons it might work:
1 - the jaa licence is legally an (expired) easa ppl, all jaa licences were legally made easa licences. It is therefore not an initial issue of an easa ppl.
2- it was originally issued under the ANO.
Therefore the wording of 1283 suggests a possibility of an easa ppl with a self declared Medical
the easy-to-read tabular CAP on it (1440 was it?) seems to have been withdrawn, (that said it was possible), which now leaves me doubting it, as the basic statement in the ANO says no, but that was modified by exemptions when 1440(?) came out.... which may have gone with 1440(?). Must find about 10 hours spare to work through the ifs and buts and references to schedule 8 to follow this up....
Did they issue it with "DOCUMENT WITHDRAWN OCTOBER 2018 - REFERENCE ONLY" or was that an over-write from you? It shows that it was possible but it might take hours to prove one way or the other whether they just didn't want to maintain it or they withdrew stuff that made it possible.
Edit later: doesn't matter, see next post
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