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By skydriller
cockney steve wrote:The P.C . elephant which everyone is overlooking (avoiding?) is that Melanie is a female. :idea:
Apparently, there's an acute shortage of all Commercial (ATPL) Pilots. There's a massive gender imbalance which all the employers are trying to address. I can't remember when I last saw a Commercial Licence training-school advert which didn't show at least one happy female in front-seat attire. (There is usually at least one non-caucasian among the assemblage, as well.)

This would suggest a massive opportunity available to any female wishing to become Commercial Flight - crew.

In this instance, I think "using " gender to her advantage is justified.- seems like all the doors are open, provided the aptitude and application are present.

Absolutely agree with the gender imbalance thing in certain industries. I work in a male dominated industry and recently had a female colleague asking me if she should take a job that had been offered to her because she wasnt sure she was qualified to do it and was concerned she was offered it because of her gender... I certainly put her straight in that regard - she is a very switched on person, I know she could do the job - and suggested she take full advantage of any potential employers recruiting issues... In fact I suspect strongly that in 5-8 years she could well be my boss!!

Regards, SD..
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By Melanie Moxon
Seems logical when it comes to rotary, something to put on the nice to do if I ever find myself flush with spare cash .

Airline life isn’t for me I am afraid, the days of watching Concorde (I set my sights high as a child) grace the skies have long gone (I realise that much like the Harrier, it wasn’t an aircraft for rookies and as such even if it was still in service and I had made it into BA straight out of college I’d still be waiting now), as I said in my initial post if it’s bigger than an Islander (any vintage aircraft opportunities aside) I’m not really that interested in flying it for a living, I want to be in a position to decide whether to use the autopilot or not.

It is clear that there is a lot to think about whatever I choose to do, but first things first, let’s see if I can sort things out where I am first rather than jumping ship.
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By kanga
Bill McCarthy wrote:If you do take up train driving you’ll be able to buy a top of the range aircraft, and if rail gets privatised there will be loads of time off due to regular strikes - at least a couple a month like it used to be !

South West Trains reportedly offering £50k pa ... ry-2965843
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