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By Ridders
Different person as Martinbguk says.
Basically the guy who had the bowser (lorry bowser usually parked up) was, I was told given notice by the airfield that they would be selling fuel themselves, so had to shift his bowser stock. We took fuel from his bowser when he was parked up over to the west of Taxiway B and was in process of selling his remaining fuel.

Now the fuel is via small towed bowser, towed on the back of a 4x4 truck that comes to your aircraft, but there are also fixed pumps in the fuel farm that’s shown on the AIP, now all provided I believe by the airfield as is paid along with landing fees.
By Flying badger
Pilot Pete wrote:Visited Lee on Solent last weekend for the 1st time.
Very friendly, nice little cafe and a viewing garden.
A short 2 min walk to the beach and a couple of restaurants on the beachfront too.
Goodwood is great but I doo like to be beside the sea.

Pete, can you access the beach side easily or does one have to walk (literally) round the houses, as google maps is indicating? I'd love to take my sis-in-law tomorrow but don't have time for a 30 mins walk e/w.

Edit: no need to reply, I've just seen the note about the new road on the website.
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