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CloudHound wrote:Breaking News!

Live now on FR24 it's 9000' at 160 Kts 1 hour 40 out of KAUA Aurora State Airport south of Portland Oregon.

Some way to go!

Wow! According to the write up in the link, it's consumed 9140000 gallons of fuel and 1000000 gallons of oil. Am I reading that correctly and do radials use so much oil ?

Its worse than the pre mix I used to use in my two stroke .
I once helped ferry an AN2 from Jerez to Bonn over two days. Before we set out, the Polish engineer put 60 litres of oil in as a top up for the 1000 HP, 9-cylinder radial. In-flight, he then surprised me when he started taking panels out between the two crew positions and sticking more oil in in-flight. I came to the conclusion that we didn't so much need in-flight refuelling (200 litres per hour) as in-flight re-oiling :lol:.

The closest I've come to flying an airborne tractor. On the second day at a grass-field lunch stop in France, as we lined up, the tail wheel jammed. I looked back down the cabin to see the Polish engineer jumping out with a sledge hammer. Several loud bangs later, he got back in, "It's ok, we go" :shock: !

Iceman 8)
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Iceman wrote:I once helped ferry an AN2 .. started taking panels out between the two crew positions and sticking more oil in in-flight...

that (replenishment of oil from within cockpit, including in flight) was also an original design feature of the Beaver, requested by prewar bush pilot operators when dHC started the design consultation immediately after WW2. Its original principal purpose was to (re)introduce oil new or drained (and kept warm indoors or in tent/igloo!) after last flight of the winter day back into engine before first flight the next morning, from within cabin without having to remove engine cowlings; ie, out of wind and cold. A bonus was to be able to replenish on long flights. A Beaver operator in Australia told me he had needed to do so while ferrying his solo from NZ.

ISTR reading that in Catalinas the flight engineer, originally seated above and behind pilots between the high engines, could also replenish their oil in flight from his position or by not moving far from it.
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@kanga, indeed, the Polish engineer had stated that when in the Siberian winter, you often don't want to go outside, so a lot of aircraft subsystems are accessible from within the aircraft, engine oil and the flywheel alternative starting mechanism being two that I can recall.

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Betsy's Biscuit Bomber 47SJ just flew over our house.

Amazing how fast you can move from the Throne Room to outside when you hear the sound of 2 Twin Wasps approaching..... :thumleft:
Seven more arrived today at Duxford;

N47E "Miss Virginia"
N47SJ "Betsy's Biscuit Bomber"
N103NA "Flabob Express"
N45366 "D-Day Doll"
N62CC "Virginia Ann"
N74589 "Placid Lassie"
and N47TB "That's All Brother" (from Coventry)

at least three of them flew down over Lincolnshire low level and passed over chez moi on the way in :thumleft:
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