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By Rob P
A veritable sh*tstorm brewing involving the Daks Over Normandy organisation.

A Facebook group "Scammed Over Normandy" has a lot of very unhappy people after the organisers' blood. (or money)

Rob P
Looks like lots of Americans paid lots of money for experiences that weren't delivered. I haven't time this morning to wade through the group postings.

Rob P
Five years ago (D-Day + 70), I managed to arrange a flight in a DC3 with them down the Normandy beaches, as mentioned above. I tried again this year to get seats for a group of us (@Ridders), but no joy whatsoever. We may have got off lucky then.

Iceman 8)
IMPORTANT INFORMATION. From Suggest you all go there and search Daks Over Normandy.
The Dixons have resigned from Daks Over Normandy BUT ON THE 5TH OF JUNE - BEFORE CAEN.
Leaving Peter Braun as sole Director and have notified Companies House that he is a 'Person With Significant Control'
The company address has been changed to:
Affordable Accounts Group 9 King Street Westhoughton Bolton BL5 3AX
You have to assume they are in charge of liquidating the company. My guess is unless you're protected by Credit Cards or PayPal, you will probably - and I am not an expert - lose your money.

They say:
Calling us at our office on 01942 356 681 will put you straight through to a member of our team.

Or alternatively you can drop us an email on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you prefer to do your business face-to-face, please feel free to call in to our office in Bolton;

Nik Coleman post on the website

Rob P
The message that I was getting throughout most of this year was that all seats had been sold, but if another aircraft could be arranged, then they'd get back to me. Sounds like I had a lucky escape.

Iceman 8)
A buddy is in Normandy being involved and he has said that the whole organisational thing is poor.

They went round the Daks at Prestwick before going to France and the experience there was immensely different and much better .
Very lucky Iceman. . There's been some amazingly dark stuff going on traceable back to South Coast Airways, which went into liquidation with two of the DoN directors (There's a surprise).

Back to Normandy, seats were sold on a T6 to photographers to take aerial shots of the C-47s. This didn't happen for at least some of the punters, which might be just as well since the aircraft in question allegedly couldn't legally carry paying customers.

Rob P
Maybe it would be a good idea to start a another thread for discussion of all this potential unpleasantness regarding Daks Over Normandy, so it doesnt reflect on the tremendous acheivement of the separate D Day Squadron organisation in getting all the aircraft over from the US and Europe?
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I'm afraid the whole event has been comprehensively tainted and pretending that everything was wonderful seems remarkably head in the sand.

What would that achieve? Particularly as further events such as The Candy Bombers Return (Berlin Airlift 70) are projected by substantially the same people, but a totally different organisation of course. (Reference to Daks Over Normandy, not the D-Day Squadron)

True there's not much need to worry that it will happen. The world of Skytrain / Dakota operators is small, and now so many of them have been burned they are unlikely to be queuing to participate.

Rob P
P'raps I didn't make myself clear last night.

Happy to discuss the whole debacle but as new news. This thread to date was about the D-Day Daks crossing the Atlantic and my point was about its focus.

As a serial thread drifter I can't really complain, I'm just sad that such a wonderful dialogue between us won't come to a nice end.

Thinks :?: I'll start a new thread. :thumright:
As good and as slick the Tunison Foundation's success in bringing their fleet over to Europe for the 75th commemoration of D-Day was, it appears all is not so well at Daks Over Normandy.

News about the Daks Over Normandy organisational troubles have surfaced and via FB people are making accusations about the organisers, the disarray especially in France and money paid for experiences not delivered.

That's a terrible shame for people who had looked forward to participating in the event in view of its 'once-in-a-lifetime' nature.

Looking back, there were some indications of trouble brewing. The list of participating a/c on the DON website included non-flyers, the L-Birds to Normandy put out a terse statement about not getting involved in a commercial event and the social media output was sparse.

If it's true that one person with a bit of a reputation has caused this situation I'm strangely reminded of a, formerly Blackpool based, personality. :(
For those wanting to follow the car crash that was this event, particularly as far as Normandy is concerned), the Facebook page is linked below..

Regrettably Classic Wings at Duxford are taking a bit of a bashing . Largely photographers paying nearly £1,000 to fly "wing to wing" with DC3 in a T6 with the canopy open to allow photography, and not getting what was advertised. Probably not the fault of Classic Wings I would guess, other than maybe overclaiming what they hoped could have been delivered.

Rob P
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