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By flybymike
The CAA notification form for revalidation of an SEP rating includes the following questions in the section for the examiner to complete.

Total Flight Time in preceding 12 months: ........Hours

Total Flight Time as PIC in preceding 12 months:.......... Hours

I have the necessary hours and instructor flight required to revalidate well in advance of expiry of my current rating, but my hours within the current second year of the rating, are substantially different from my hours within the “preceding 12 months.”

What matters of course is my hours in my current second year period, and not my hours in the previous 12 months.
Does the CAA assume that the rating will be signed on its last day of validity, and if not, what relevance does hours in the previous 12 months have to the notification procedure. Is this just another thoughtless piece of drafting by the CAA?
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By Irv Lee
I don't believe they have any real interest in hours, as they don't want to know if 1157 is used instead - or alternatively, there is someone counting the hours and producing wonderful management data from the 1119E, not realising that there is a bypass through 1157
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By OpenCirrus619
The "preceding 12 months" refers to the 12 months preceding the expiry of the rating.

...or at least that's my understanding.

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By flybymike
If you revalidate long before expiry of the rating, you won’t have the faintest idea how many hours you might have done before it expired had you not renewed it. :wink:
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