Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.
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By SteveC
Huntj86 wrote:
SteveC wrote:Eileen has formerly announced and therefore it is now appropriate to share the loss of her husband and our forumite Dave Phillips in the accident. Dave was a good friend and an utter gentleman. His loss is felt by everyone who knew him and he will be sorely missed. I am not at liberty to name the other crew members so please don't ask.

Steve, my sincere condolences. I know from personal experience how raw this will be for everyone concerned. I was there recently myself. I am at the BBC today, and while I was informed by friends of David earlier today, we haven't reported anything, as we didn't have anything official from the family, or David's employer, and I also wanted to be sure that Eileen and close family had been informed.

Do you and the family wish us to report this now? Is there anyway you can contact me if you do, so that I can verify everything?

My work email is

Hi Jon, I cant speak on behalf of his employer but Eileen has publicly announced her loss. Dave's Facebook page is now being used to gather the condolences from all who knew him. He was a very popular guy and very well thought off in aviation both as an Air Traffic Controller and a Commercial pilot. We were brainstorming projects just 2 days ago, it was a privilege to deal with him and aviation has lost a good man.
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By vintage ATCO
Richard Dastardly wrote:I was just trying to think how long ago that BoB bunker visit was.

7 Nov 2006

I was there, and at the curry.

Deeply saddened. What a tragedy. Condolences to all.
By Lefty
Steve, for those of us who are not big on the book of faces, & therefore not FB friends with Dave, can we rely on you to pass our condolences to Eileen and the family - and also to let us know about the funeral and any other way we can express our condolences.
Much appreciated,
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By Cub
I was so sad to hear this terrible news. I will miss his friendship, compassion, humour and professionalism.

Photo is us visiting FD at Daventry International in happier times. RIP
By Ridders
I first met Dave in 2005, I remember Dave wearing a uniform back then when we visited West Drayton and then later the earlier mentioned curry & visit to BoB bunker.

I will never forget the flight we made 5 years later together to a little strip in Ireland, back via Belfast overhead to Newtonards and then back to his place via a pub, to meet the family (two legs and four).

Absolutely terrible news for everyone involved and in any way connected with what has happened. I can not believe he has gone.

So long Dave.
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By TheFarmer
Very sad times.

I’ll miss him taking the **** out of me, and managing to do it without getting me to rise. I’ll miss his supportive PM’s when I’ve got myself into trouble. And I’ll miss him randomly messaging me about flying and life in general.

We had a nice day when he stole a WAP 172 and came to my toy shed.

I loved his slightly naughty attitude, and his quick wit.

I was flying back from work just now and for the first time in years I felt ever so slightly pi55ed off with aviation.


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By Flyin'Dutch'
First met Dave at the Shawbury fly in (9/2003) he had organised so we could come and have a look what was involved on the military side of ATC, since then a friendship was forged and we would be in touch regularly, including visits to his various places at work. He organised for me to be able to start my clinic at Booker which was instrumental in leveraging me more out of the NHS and into aviation medicine.

Below a picture of David on one of his visits to Daventry International Spaceport with Eileen and their dog.

A great guy has left us.

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By Adrian
Very sad indeed. I didn't know Dave well - just one brief meeting, and the occasional responses to each other's posts here. Then one day, out of the blue, he sent me a long message responding to something I'd written and we had a long and enjoyable correspondence about aviation projects we were both working on, the future of GA, how to encourage more people into flying, and much more. His messages were warm, funny, opinionated and right! I'm sorry that I didn't take the opportunity of those exchanges to get to know him better.
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By Rob L
I first met Dave when he was OIC West Drayton, for (I think) a Prune visit when D&D was based there.
[edit : Jan 2006, and it was indeed a Prune visit]
My first thoughts were: how can anyone so young be in charge of such a serious position?

I didn't know him very well, but met him on occasional trips after he left the Service.

I've had a few close pals go in aviation incidents, so I'm thinking of his nearest & dearest, knowing their situation.

(edited for date 2006)
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