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By declanfogarty
The family have asked me to request that before any information is released by news agencies such as the BBC, they please contact the calibration company in Shoreham regarding what information is released especially the names.

It’s vitally important immediate family are notified first.

Such a terrible loss. So full of aviation enthusiasm, friendship and knowledge.
We will miss you.
Declan & Mena
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By defcribed
Lefty wrote:Not to diminish our feelings over the loss of DP, have we got the names of the other UK people who lost their lives? Some of us might know them.

One who I know flies for the same company was an instructor at Waltham for a short while and their name is in my logbook. It would be nice to know they are ok.
By johnm
Folks might like to know that the PPL/IR spring conference took place in Ostend today and the assembled company noted Dave Phillips tragic loss with great respect for his contribution to aviation and sorrow at his premature demise…..
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By anglianav8r
Gutted. I didn't know the lad personally, but certainly knew of his value to so many here.
As retirement approaches, I'm planning to get back into aviation and this place is a rich source of encouragement and abundant wisdom but distinctly lessened by this loss.
Sincere condolences to all those close to Dave and particularly the family.

It's at moments like this that I really miss Keef :pale:
By Woody
Tragic news. ‘Spot’ and I were junior officers, instructors and then senior officers together many years ago and I remember him, and those times, very fondly. A sharper operator you’d struggle to find. A true officer and a gentleman. My condolences to Eileen and his family.

‘Per Ardua Ad Astra’ Spot

All - I don’t do F’Book so I hope you’ll bear with me for posting here. Thanks.
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By AndyR
CloudHound wrote:Speculation.

Not now? Too soon? Another thread?

It's just that we have previously had discussions about the validity of a this and I feel we should at least be able to have that discussion about when might be appropriate.

What would DP say on the matter?

Judging by the fact I’ve just been asked to post the following on here by Dave’s wife, I’d say it was too soon:

All, as a retired air traffic controller and lapsed PPL holder, and DP’s widow, out of respect for me, can you please avoid speculating until the accident report is out. Thanks

Please can we have some respect for family’s feelings.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
Dear All

I have been asked by Eileen to post the following:

All, as a retired air traffic controller and a past PPL holder, and DP’s wife, can you please avoid speculating out of respect for me. Thank you

I would be very grateful if we could comply with her request.


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