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By Whiskey Kilo Wanderer
I'd agree with akg1486's comments about the ease of viewing NOTAMS on SkyDemon. Another advantage is that the NOTAMS are shown on the moving map display and vanish when they have expired.

Delivering an aircraft to Shobdon last year I'd planned a route around a rash of airspace NOTAMS at Kemble. As Kemble hove in to view on the moving map the restrictions had all vanished. Subject to a quick check, we opted for the more direct route.
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defcribed wrote:Does anyone who uses SkyDemon actually get NOTAMS via any tool other than SkyDemon?

I have no doubt that the information depicted by SkyDemon is at least 99% accurate, however is this info actually checked and verified against NOTAMs by an independent assessor?
Genuine question; years ago the secretary of the UK Flight Safety Committee pointed out to me that although everybody (in those days) relied on Jeppesen for accurate info, what Jeppesen published was not checked or verified by anyone outside the organisation and that was a matter of great concern to the UKFSC.
Dave W wrote:As well as that^^^, have there been (indeed had there been, at the time) a significant number of incidents directly attributable to serious errors in the Jeppeson product?

I don't know, but it was a significant concern of the UKFSC.
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akg1486 wrote:I've noticed similar temporary restricted areas on Skydemon before. Sure: I would have seen them on NOTAM but in a graphical form I immediately see if I'm affected or not.

It's available in graphical form on the AIC. :wall:

Ah, perhaps in the UK. But not always i my country. I've only seen that here in conjunction with big military exercises.