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By Gatf777

Sorry if something similar has been asked already.

I went for my class 2 medical the other day, and everything was going fine until I put down asthma (which I've never been diagnosed with but do get tight chested from sports) and my allergy which requires me to have epi pens.

The AME wants the bronchial reactivity test done, along with a report for both the asthma and immunology, costing 650+.

The asthma rarely happens, as I rarely do intense sports to trigger it, and I've never used the epi pens.

For the Lapl, would I still need to have the referrals?
For the flying I plan to do, the lapl is fine.

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By Flyin'Dutch'
You should ask the AME who assessed you as he/she will decide whether they have enough information to sign you off.

There is little point for us to say anything on the matter, even if we are AMEs, as we don't know the full details and ultimately are not going to be the ones making the decision in your case.

The variation in expression of symptoms for the conditions you describe is so much that the outcome may be anything between not being able to get a medical and no problem, off you go.

Good luck with the tests.