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Spell check strikes again :( Though there might well be a load of Dads on board.

DaveW I'm following a number of FB pages but was looking for a flight tracker that showed each one.

My brother and I dropped a few dollars into the pot for "That's all brother" so it would be nice to see how that one is fairing.
Hmm. Was trying to help without knowing what you know.

Unless the individual aircraft is carrying something like a SPOT tracker, or has ADS-B and is in range of a receiver feeding e.g.Flightradar24, how will your desire be satisfied?
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jasoncuk wrote:…But I agree. I have done many crossings now and while the piston ones were a great experience, I don't wish to repeat them.

Of course, should you ever find yourself alone for a jet crossing…



Will keep in mind.
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