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By buzzthetower
I'm hoping there a some bright audio experts on here! My comms panel has a 3mm jack input for aux in. If I connect my Pilotaware to it via a 3mm to 3mm cable then the traffic alerts are at the perfect sound level on the comms with the default Pilotaware volume level setting. If I remove the cable from PIlotaware and connect the same cable into the headphone socket on my tablet running Skydemon for the intelligent traffic alerts then I can barely hear the voice alerts even with the volume fully up on the tablet. If I listen to the tablet via headphones then it is plenty loud enough. There must be some kind of sound level difference. Any ideas? I'd like to use the Skydemon alerts but can't for this reason. many thanks.
By Buzz53
I'm not a bright audio expert but I did have the same issue. What sort of tablet? This fooled me too until I realised that Android (my version anyway) has three different volume controls and the Skydemon voice alerts are controlled by the "media" one. This is not the one that the side buttons normally adjust (on my Nexus). You need to use the buttons while it's actually speaking, or else access the dropdown that shows all three sliders (don't have my phone to hand so can't recall how you do that). You can force Skydemon to speak from within the setup menu.
I have all three volume controls at max, it's not that unfortunately. On my tablet I press the vol button and it presents a drop down where I can list the three volume controls and slide them to max, all set as high as they will go.
I'll check that and make sure I have the correct plug types, although it works fine when plugged in to my Pilotaware so I think they are.
By Ridders
Theres a few discussions on the PAW forum about the PI output, it is 3.5mm, but is TRRS (so Tip, ring ring sleeve) and so has Left, right, ground - and video.

What I did is wire up a TRRS plug and cable to the Mic Jack input to the rear seat inputs on my intercom and adjusted the volume up on the Pi.

You may have been ok with a normal 3.5mm audio jack (L/R/Ground) in the Pi, but it may be best to get the correct plug at that end - if your going into a tablet insead of the pi, then it may not like a TRRS type, if thats what you have got. (You may have 3.5mm mono, or stereo, or TRSS!)
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Ok cheers for that, sounds like I need to read up on these connection types and number of rings etc. Hopefully I just need a different lead then.
Quick update on this in case anyone else gets the same issue in future. I now have a solution and have got full volume coming through from skydemon/pilot aware traffic from my tablet to my comms aux input. It was related to the number of poles on the connector and TRRS to TRS. So, basically my comms panel reduces any aux input (music, skydemon, pilot aware etc.) to a very low level when the mic is keyed or someone transmits on channel to give that priority. My tablet (being like a phone) has aTRRS 4 pole jack connector with Mic pole. When connected to the comm aux in it was trigerring the Mic line and lowering the volume of the input making it effectively useless. I bought a £2 splitter from ebay that splits the 4 pole TRRS into two separate 3.5mm connectors, a TRS mic output and TRS headphone output. The headphone output no longer has the Mic signal, so putting that between my tablet and comms aux in just feeds the sound and no mic line and all works ok now. So if you have a comms aux in that auto drops the aux background volume in preference to a transmission, then you will need a splitter to get rid of the Mic lineout from the connected tablet or phone.