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By Mike Charlie
Well today's weather was pretty darned good also. I dropped my machine into Hinton for its annual and had a lift back in a Breezer. Very impressive aircraft, lovely and light on the controls forget how nice it is to have a bubble canopy and the view it affords

Approaching Duxford at 3000 ft on my way to Hinton I heard a radio call "DH9 downwind". A momentous occasion and to think that less the 47 years separate it and my Cessna but what a world of difference in design and construction. Overhead I could see it parked on the grass with a small crowd of people no doubt congratulating each other on its maiden flight. Seemed a shame to alight back home, days like this are made for flying
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By WelshRichy
What gorgeous weather you all had!

I spent the day in my dining room looking out at the perfect crystal clear blue skies wishing I didn't have CPL exams booked for Wednesday and Thursday this week and was therefore head in books and trying to decipher if the SEP graph was giving me 1330 or 1350 feet! Then it was onto the different conventions and which one applied if something had dropped off your aircraft and landed in my dining room!

It'll be worth it once they are complete. At least I don't need to do the IR exams if I decide to get an EASA IR.

Keep the photos coming, keeps me sane! :D :D :D
By condor17
It's our annual permit inspection today [ Tues ] . So Sunday was all hands stripping Bad Mike out and fettling . Thus we missed most of CA's action . Knew it would be crazy , so took sarnies and a flask and had to walk to the hangar from well outside the gate . Busiest I seen in 12 yrs of basing at CA .
Walked up Hambledon Hill in the evening to catch Wessex skies from 600 feet ; and admired an hot air balloon . 'Bootiful .

rgds condor .

Long may it continue
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By mick w
Miscellaneous wrote:@mick w nice pic. :thumright: I'm getting the impression Paul Kiddell is the southern equivalent of our very own Wallace Shackelton north of the border? :D

He does more flying & Pic taking , than I did in a good year !! . Smashing chap , always a cheery welcome . :thumright:
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By Miscellaneous
mick w wrote:Smashing chap , always a cheery welcome . :thumright:

Indeed, from memory I think his welcome goes something like; stand by your aeroplane and I'll take a pic., even before both feet have touched terra firma. :D
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