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Just updating some records today, it occurred to me that as a reasonably serious aviator, I am tracking a heck of a lot of critical dates.

My personal spreadsheet, which I have incorporated into my electronic logbook, covers..

EASA Class 1 medical
EASA Class 1 medical for single pilot air transport.
EASA Class 2 privileges
EASA / UK SEP Class rating
EASA & UK Instructor
FAA Class 2 medical
FAA Class 3 privileges
Emergency First Aid at Work
Airport airside access card
Company (security checked) flight card
Aircraft inspector
Inspector audit
Four relevant vaccinations
Two relevant visas (at the moment, I've had that up to four)
90 day take-offs and landings
6 month instrument approaches

Not all that hard to do with a spreadsheet, and I imagine that I'm high/middle numbers with my 23 dates, but there will be I'm sure people tracking 30+

In the context of the discussion we were having on here about the WIWOL who got prosecuted for paperwork misdemeanors at Kidlington however, it does highlight a major area where we can all find ourselves illegal simply through not being careful enough. Not to mention the sheer complexity of the legal environment we operate in.

I'm not sure if there's much that can be done to simplify all this (beyond a good spreadsheet, or presumably the various online logbooks will do much the same), but if anybody has any good tricks, they're probably worth sharing.

And of course if you add to that the 50hr/6 month, Annual/ARC renewal, CoA renewal and time remaining on the calendar-lifed bits and bobs for any aeroplane(s) you own it becomes quite long....

Excel is my friend. Otherwise I'd definitely be in the poo.
Flyingfemme wrote:@Johnm - your FAA licence is the easiest to manage.........even if you've abandoned it you can pick it up at any time with a fresh medical and a BFR.

Yes I was aware which is why i wasn't too bothered about abandoning it.
I don't even have any ICAO level licences but I'm tracking:

LAPL - 12 hour total time check
LAPL - PIC hours check
LAPL - Instructional hour check
LAPL - Medical Renewal
NPPL - Medical Declaration (got to watch for age 70)
NPPL - Revalidation date
90 Day check
+ Aircraft 50hr and Annual Checks
Aircraft Insurance renewal