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Wildcat One wrote:"Things are more or less okay"

Not really AF, a family in Shropshire have lost a husband , a father and a brother.

I'm friends with the deceased's brother.

A number of us on the forum know AfricanEagle well, he is Italian and based there. His post referred to his communication with Sam and I am as sure as I can be that he is reporting that “Things are more or less okay” with Sam rather than the situation in general.
I expect others will agree.

Dreadful for both in the aeroplane and their friends and families.
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Thanks WaveFlyer, I've known Riccardo for nearly 20 years - we share an African past.

My point, having lost many friends in aeroplane incidents, was that it's never okay - whatever conditioning you accord to that status. I was not having a "pop" at him - just pointing out the bigger picture.

After DJ stoofed in just over 4 years ago, right in front of me, I went to his house and broke the news to his wife and youngest child. It's never okay, my friend.

I've also had comms over the years with Sam - so can only empathise with his situation.
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