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Paul_Sengupta wrote:Not now they're not, it's not dark now...

Well done Sengupta, I was wondering who'd be the first to spot that. [/Mainwaring]

Rob P
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By Rob P
Really frustrating day today as it's the first time I have used the vast new runway.

With the wind favouring the 07 direction I was well airborne before it, so my wheels didn't sully the pristine surface. In future I'll go from the intersection.

The return, flying the straight-in from Snetterton offers the most unsettling optical illusion, the grey existing runway ends abruptly at the solid black extension which then becomes the light, sandy-coloured ex-scrapyard. From final it looks for all the world as if there is now a black, vertical wall at the end of the old runway :shock:

And, yet again, my wheels never got to try the new bit.

Runway markings currently notable by their absence.

Rob P
:lol: I am not that old yet, but I did land the first biz jet in there and it just happened to coincide with their first CAA authorised air display, so once landed they placed the aircraft in a static display :D

I was told years later that pictures existed but have never seen them.