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Well done for posting that one CC. :thumright:

Amanda looks to be a thoroughly good egg by my reckoning .

I will be following her progress with great interest and am more than happy to pledge support and feel I've done my bit in helping this great initiative come to fruition.
By mr spog
Wow, respect to you Amanda.
Best of luck. I was hoping to see you on flight radar 24, but it does not seem to show up.
I wonder if Amy J had to do a big detour around Iran/ Iraq as well... probably not. Then again Amy did not have Sky Demon. It would be amazing if you could have shown Sky Demon to her, and seen what she thought of it.
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By Rob P
There was a live Web broadcast this morning from Vienna. She may fly without the spinner until a new one catches up with her.

Astonishing woman. She actually said "... then I read about Amy Johnson, and she was a normal woman like me". Personally I'd say Ms Harrison well surpasses "normal"

Rob P
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