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By PaulSS
It does sound a very good price.

I recently had my 12m x 8m hangar built and just the hangar (with 2 x 5m roller doors and a very nifty removable sliding central column) cost 25430 incl VAT. Getting it erected was 3420 incl VAT.

I couldn't believe the ridiculous requirements of the planning people regarding the concrete. In Oz they will literally pour 100mm of concrete straight onto water-compacted sand and that is it. My floor in the UK is 150mm of concrete on top of 150mm of crushed concrete (etc). The four corner columns are on pads 1800 x 1800 x 1200!!! and the minor columns are on 750 x 750 x 750. All of this for a poxy 12m x 8m tin shed. Never mind the stupid fire regulation that says I have to fireproof the rear wall because it comes within 6m of a boundary. That 'boundary is an arbitrary halfway across the access road. SO the steel hangar is going to burst into flames and continue burning :roll: and then if it collapses it wouldn't get anywhere near any buildings etc but the very apex of the hangar could, possibly fall less than 1m onto the edge of an access road....if the whole rear of the shed fell down. Small wonder that some people don't bother with getting Building Regulations approval :shock:

Anyway, really good price :D
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By Charliesixtysix
Doors are a major part of the price of a building like this and the building structure itself also becomes more costly if designed for doors to be hung.

I would imagine also that the kit was supplied to agricultural building specification with figures quoted ex-vat?

It is still an excellent price and a good supplier to work with - I am currently working through pricing up supply of a new building for my farm with the same company.

Thanks for the lead Mr Farmer :thumleft:
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By TheFarmer
mikehallam wrote:I can't reconcile your price with their budget quote for a 12 X 9 m floor plan aeroplane shed (with doors) delivered site but no ground works or erection for nearly under £18k with Vat ?

Happy to send you a copy of my quote and invoice to see where it differs.
By Bill McCarthy
I find that the most expensive part of a building that size, is the floor. To save on concrete for the building uprights I dig the holes, get 200 litre steel drums (scrap), knock the ends out and set them to the required depth., fill with concrete and backfill round the drums. The drums skins are obviously left in situ. I didn’t use a laser leveller or anything fancy to achieve to set levels but a bit of “Egyptian” technology - a long length of garden hose filled with water with the upright ends to set everything up. Me and Mrs M put up a 60x40 barn on our own.
By Bill McCarthy
If I was going to build a hangar in the south and wanted to avoid the torture of planning regs, I would go for a unit made up of 40ft one trip shipping containers for the sides - classed as a temporary structure. These can be set within the portal roof beams or outside. They can give added security for tooling and other maintenance equipment. Indeed with the fully opening sided ones, they would make a decent aircraft build facility.
I am seriously considering diversifying and getting a couple to tart up and insulate as holiday accommodation. It’s been done and can look very smart indeed.
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By Lockhaven

I am guessing, do you come under the legislation of having more than 5 hectares allowing you to erect "agricultural buildings" of a certain size without planning permission ?
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By Lockhaven
TheFarmer wrote:Affirm’

It’s only really for when the aircraft is at that farm temporarily. It’s got tractors and other stuff in it most of the time.

I don't have that much land but there is enough to have a 240 meter strip, more than long enough for the Piper, and I am considering erecting a temporary building to keep the tractor, lawnmower and of course the crop duster in :wink:

My construction would be a 'T' shape design with pitch roofs using railway sleepers 2 or 3 deep for the footings then back filling with road plainings and topping the floor with old flag stones, therefore temporary.

Then the building would be a wooden pole barn design with the eves at a maximum of 4 meters.

Anyone else erected this style in the UK without issues, total floor coverage would be approx 70 square meters and maximum eves elevation 4 meters all wood construction, and possibly a scissor door.
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By Lockhaven
TheFarmer wrote:240 metres is quite a challenging strip in all weather conditions!!

I know, but it has clear approaches, been practicing and can do it comfortably using 150 meters for take-off and landing, of course only in decent weather.

PM sent
Lockhaven wrote:@TheFarmer

I am guessing, do you come under the legislation of having more than 5 hectares allowing you to erect "agricultural buildings" of a certain size without planning permission ?

There is a biblical dodge here PM me if you want details.