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Well, it’s a ‘kitchen sink’ weekend ahead…rain, snow, hail, sunshine, wind, it’s all on the cards! Details below.

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Issued: 1600 hrs, Thursday 14th March 2019

Low pressure cross Ireland, Wales, northern England and southern Scotland on Tuesday. Periods of heavy rain over Ireland, western and northern parts of England as well as southern Scotland. The rain turning to snow over the hills of northern England and southern Scotland. Rain affects southern England later too as the cold front passes east. Severe gales in central and southern England as well as Wales. Drier in central and northern Scotland with showers here and some bright spells. Turning brighter in western Scotland with heavy showers and sunny spells, winds increasing here.
Winds SW 30-35kt (F7-F8) in England and Wales, becoming NW 25-30kt (F6-F7) in Ireland, NE 20-25kt (F6) in southern Scotland, W 14-20kt (F4-F5) in northern Scotland. Image

Low pressure will be to the east on Sunday. A cool west to northwest flow affects all parts of the country. This will be bringing an unsettled flow with a mix of sunshine and showers. Those showers probably moving through as bands of showers, followed by periods of drier weather, followed by showers. The showers could be heavy at times and may be wintry on hills from the Midlands northwards.
Winds W-NW 25-30kt (F6-F7) but NW 28-35kt (F7-F8) in western areas and N-NE 28-35kt (F7-F8) in northern Scotland.