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By Cub
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Maybe becoming more common but will probably not be universal for 20 or 30 years unless mandated.

I understand all new Airbus come with it as standard?
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By gaznav
Cub wrote:
Paul_Sengupta wrote:But it takes 20-30 years for old airliners to get out of the system.

Not these days and it has been delivered on many for a few years now.

Nearly half the 787s that have been delivered have ADS-B In CDTI. There are many retrofits ongoing for the 737, A320 and A321 fleets. As Cub says, this is becoming a standard option on pretty much all commercial aircraft. Also, a lot of those that have had to do the ADS-B Out mods for the upcoming 2020 mandates have seen fit to ‘future-proof’ with ADS-B In capabilities - time spent off of the flying programme is BIG money these days. :thumright:
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By gaznav
I did a bit of digging on Project MARSHALL today and the RAF Shawbury, Linton and Coningsby WAM systems are working and intended to provide cooperative surveillance services for RAF Shawbury, Linton‐on‐Ouse, Leeming, Topcliffe, Coningsby, Cranwell, Waddington and Barkston Heath airfields. The RAF Brize Norton and Marham WAM systems are installed and are in the final stages of test and technical acceptance.

From what I was told they are able to receive the extended squitter messages of ADS-B as well as providing Multi-Lateration of transponders. :thumright:
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