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VRB_20kt wrote:.. There is a body of opinion that the early accidents to the Comet handed an advantage to Boeing that has never been retrieved.

.. not helped by the tendency of BEA and BOAC to spurn technologically advanced designs (some even designed to their exact requirements as stated), and publically demand (and get) taxpayers' money to operate them while also buying Boeings :twisted:
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Would I avoid flying on the modified 737Max? no
Do I think it's problems were caused by a confluence of: profit over safety / lack of engineering rigour / software fix for aerodynamic and rule based issues? yes
Will some unexpected complex system surprise us and expose unknown risks in the future? yes
I doubt any significant portion of the flying public will avoid the 737 Max.

When flying aeroplanes, if things go wrong, you're generally high, fast with lots of energy to dissipate in something that's great when it's working right and a liability when it isn't. It's part of the reason I enjoy it, lots of reasons to try and be good at it and a privilege to take the risk/responsibility.
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5) Fly myself - it’s more fun !

Iceman 8)[/quote]

A totally irrational decision if it is about risk.

And no slight on your flying ability. but the risk to die on a private flight is many times higher than in a commercial flight even if operated by a MAX.
To be honest the reason CAT is at the bottom of my list of transport choices is not really about safety it's about it being a miserable and tedious experience, there are some airlines where business class mitigates that a good bit, but.........
My wishes are very simple, I just prefer not to die.

Flying oneself is an enormous pleasure but it has nothing to offer compared to CAT, which provides safe reliable travel.
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It says “Of the total settlement, the majority - $1.77bn, some of which has already been paid - is due to go the firm's airline customers, who were affected by the grounding of the planes following the crashes.”

Although it seems this is just compensation for families and businesses. I wonder if more fines and legal action will follow?

Presumably, those are Federal charges brought by the US State?

Presumably, other states can/will bring their own charges and families can/will bring private prosecutions. The $2.5bn could be a drop in the ocean (pun not intended) and the firm could be in big trouble. (Checks share price, sees brief uptick before another dive.. yup)
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It appears a another 737, sub-type unknown, has gone missing on a flight from Jakarta to Pontianak.

It belongs to Sriwijaya Air

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