Primarily for general aviation discussion, but other aviation topics are also welcome.
A while ago I mentioned that I'm working on a bi-weekly podcast about the weird and wonderful people you meet around airfields.
I promised this place would be the first website where I'll publish it.
So here you go - Episode One. This show isn't even on Apple Podcasts yet, so you guys are getting a very early preview!
Grateful for any feedback, ideas and suggestions.
Oh, and Episode Two in exactly two weeks' time.
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Episode Two of the Two Thousand Feet Aviation Podcast is now live.
I go to Portugal to talk to Malcolm Howland​ about the benefits and pitfalls of learning to fly overseas. And I catch up with Gerry Breen​, - the man who invented the word "microlight" and who set quite a lot of records in the early days of the sport.
You can listen here (link below) or - even better - subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Spreaker, etc., etc.
I'd be very grateful for any feedback - in the meantime, I'll get down to work on Episode Three. It will feature one of the greatest eccentrics of our sport. ... nload=true
In Episode Four of the Two Thousand Feet Aviation Podcast:
- Why adding an NPPL SSEA rating to a microlight licence makes good financial sense (for me)
- Why adding astroturf to a runway makes good business sense for one airfield owner
- Why teaching disabled people to fly makes just good common sense for Aerobility, a UK-based charity.
Here it is, on iTunes - please subscribe, rate and review. ... 1455738733
In Episode Six of the Two Thousand Feet Podcast, -
Dean Okeefe​ loses an engine in the worst place you could imagine, Mark Coreth​ turns flying into art, and I - don't do a lot else than ask a few questions. You know, because this is not Top Gear, and I'm not Clarkson.
Here's the link to an mp3: ... nload=true
And here it is on iTunes if you want to subscribe on an iPhone or similar: ... 1455738733
It's also available on Spotify, Stitcher, Player.FM, etc., etc., - just go to your favourite podacsting platform and do a search for The Two Thosand Feet podcast.
In Episode Eight of The Two Thousand Feet Aviation podcast, I celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first non-stop Transatlantic flight by going to Ireland to look at flying boats and to fly a 737 simulator.
And I talk to James Ketchell, who is flying his gyrocopter around the world. He describes flying in Russia (a flight plan just for doing circuits, anybody?) and counting whales in the Bering sea.
Link here: ... nload=true
agfoxx wrote:.. flying in Russia (a flight plan just for doing circuits, anybody?) ..

ISTR that in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, when non-military flying was again allowed within US, in parts of Maryland and Virginia and possibly more widely, IFR flight plans were required for all flights, including circuits.