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Some of you might remember @Katamarino's Alaska trip thread in the middle of last year, when I posted a pointer to it in this forum saying:
Dave W wrote:I know that not everybody looks at the Trip Reports forum regularly.

However, there's a particular treat going on there at the moment, in that Katamarino is doing day-by-day writeups (after the event!) of his marvellous Alaska trip. The whole thing is wonderful, and worth your time. :D

Katamarino's Alaska flight

Well, the same very much applies now to a new thread on day-by-day reporting of a 2013 trip into Africa: 'Flight For Every Mother', with British obstetric surgeon Dr Sophia Webster - flying through Africa in a diesel C182, offering medical training and supplies in countries along the route.

They are currently (well, in the write-up anyway) at Essaouira in Morocco, and once again it is well worth your time :thumleft:
Katamarino's Africa flight
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