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By Bert Smallow
Could some somebody help me find a good video showing the air traffic controllers working together and communicating to the aircrafts? I am thinking about the way people work together, pass the strip and the way people communicate over the radio.

I remember I was impressed in my youth by a visit. We cannot do this here but maybe something to think about.

This is for a company event and improvement in communication have been suggested, particularly between construction worksites and the office staff. Some good practice to share about making the message clear and unambiguous, acknowledging receipt, working together in he office, etc.

Kind regards

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By Bert Smallow
Many thanks. I have not yet found any that shows them working as when walking into the tower, but there are a lot.

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By CloudHound
Hi Bert,

I like the way you connect two very different industries this way. Having been in spec housing I remember on site communications being somewhat less well mannered than the world of ATC.

You may find something in British Pathé archives. Might be b/w and Cholmondley-Warner but would still illustrate your point.

One last point; a niggle at most. The plural of aircraft is aircraft, no need for the ‘s’.

Good luck
By Boxkite
I can't imagine any video showing it 'how it is'. It will likely have been partly orchestrated and edited to take out anything they don't want to public to see.
Best watch Pushing Tin :lol:
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By Rob P
Pushing Tin seconded :lol:

Rob P
By Mike Tango
Pushing Tin didn’t reflect reality at all.

Airplane did that far better.

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By PaulB
Has anyone listened to this which is doing the rounds on Facebook. It’s on iPlayer Radio until early March

Robert Emms and Michelle Terry star in Adrian Penketh's new drama, set in the high-pressure world of air traffic control. What happens when the unthinkable happens
By BillBravo
When I was training at Liverpool a long time ago, like the OP perhaps, I had an idea of a busy ATC control room with a team of controllers passing on strips and working frantically together to coordinate traffic. This was based on footage of big centres on TV and films but also the busy 'feel' I got every time I flew from Liverpool listening to ATC and the amount of traffic handled especially on busy days.

Then there was a visit organised to the tower by the flying school one day to see and speak to the air traffic controllers. We started at the basement, a large dark room, and you can imagine my surprise when they introduced us to a single controller in front of several screens saying 'Here is Liverpool RADAR'!. I was looking around to see where the other controllers were but there were no other chairs! Just one! He had mic switches operated by his feet and doing all the other jobs with strips, radar screen etc with his hands including talking on the phone to Tower on the top floor and Manchester ATC.
He was explaining to us how things work in between calls to traffic as it was relatively quiet late in the evening and it was a very interesting and useful visit. I never got inpatient with ATC after that experience!!

There was also another controller in front of a screen in the far corner of the dark basement room, so we asked who was that? He said 'Oh that's Doncaster RADAR'!! I knew I was talking to guy in the Liverpool tower basement next time I was flying around Doncaster!

Bill B.
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By Josh
Based on my limited visits, any radio/TV drama involving ATC would have to be heavily edited to remove a lot of the unprintable banter amongst the teams. It seems like a really fun working environment.
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By PeteSpencer
My visit to Swanwick organised by Cub some time ago reminded me of walking into the British Library or Salisbury cathedral: Nary a sound with the occasional rustle of paper (yes, paper) if you got very close to a controller.

Same with Lakenheath Radar: Darkened room at the base of the Tower, massive bank of screens reaching to Scottish border and down to the Channel with two guys who looked about 16.

Most impressive. :wink:

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By GonzoEGLL
You chaps should be visiting a proper control tower, rather than these darkened basements or call centres........

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By Talkdownman
GonzoEGLL wrote:You chaps should be visiting a proper control tower, rather than these darkened basements or call centres........


There aren't any proper control towers any more... 8)
By johncondor
I spent a Sunday morning in the new tower at Heathrow and I thought that Pete's description was very apt. I guess it would change quite quickly if the routine changed, like a go around or something.
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By GonzoEGLL
Talkdownman wrote:
GonzoEGLL wrote:You chaps should be visiting a proper control tower, rather than these darkened basements or call centres........


There aren't any proper control towers any more... 8)

Yes there are, RAF Fairford! 8)