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By Korenwolf
Airbus's (or should that be Airbus' ???) newest recruit is going to be visiting the UK this Valentines Day; the Beluga XL is scheduled to have a little tour around the various manufacturing bases of the consortium. If you're up around and about, you may well see it, although with a 30% bigger cargo bay than a 'standard' Beluga ST it would be hard to miss, even from the ground.... ... a-15799627
By Boxkite
I don't get it. From the video an XL fuselage fits inside and is delivered by a standard Beluga. :scratch: Help!

Anyway, I will drive up to Filton to see it land ................oh, wait.............
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By kanga
At least the article talks of "Airbus' site at Filton, near Bristol". The local (Gloucester/Cheltenham) paper article had an article headlined "where you can see [the Beluga] in Gloucestershire .. after [its] flypast at Filton in Bristol" :evil:

[Filton is, of course, not in Bristol. It is in South Gloucestershire. And the Beluga's undercarriage is a Gloucestershire, Dowty er Messier-Bugatti-Dowty er Safran, anyway Staverton product :thumright: I don't know whether Staverton flypast , preferably undercarriage down, is to be included; it would be good to see :) ]