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By Thomas L-T
Anyone know anything about the raf bases in Yorkshire (Linton on ouse, disforth leaning tockwith) that are not flying or a set to stop soon in the case of Linton as there move there training operation.
Just hope there are kept as airfeilds and not turned in to housing or industrial estate s
I know that former raf base church Fenton was brought and is flying.
But the others future seems to be unknown.

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By Rob P
It seems to be an enquiry on the future prospects for various rad airfields in the Vale of York as they pass out of use or cease to offer training.

In this case 'rad' is code for RAF.

A wish is expressed that aviation activities will continue in preference to their becoming used for housing or industry.

No discernable motive is offered for asking the question.


Rob P
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By Rob P
Well Yorkshire it seems, but I thought it had always been there so a sensible question to ask

Rob P
Back on topic.... My understanding is:
- Linton - closure confirmed for 2020. Site disposal plans currently unknown.
- Church Fenton - acquired by Chris Makin and licensed as civilian airfield, targeting private charter flights
- Dishforth - airfield disused, site earmarked for closure by 2031
- Topcliffe - not aware of any closure plan
- Leeming - not aware of any closure plan - rumoured as possible new home to Red Arrows when Scampton closes