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By Aaron Fahr
Good evening everyone.

I am looking to add to my skill set with an instructor qualification. I did a fair bit of research a few years ago but circumstances made me shelve my plans for a bit. I am now in a position to look again and just wondered where is considered the place to go these days?

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By Lockhaven
Good evening Aaron, it may help if you could tell us were you are, assuming you are in the UK.

As you said you shelved your plans a few years ago but have you kept current with the flying and do you meet all of the current requirements for the instructor course.
By Aaron Fahr
Well, that was quick.

Yes, I am current in my flying and have the hours etc.

Sir Morley. I am afraid I cannot make it in April, I was thinking more along the lines of summer.

Thanks Newbie, I shall take a look.

A le Ron. Can you tell me where he is based please?

Anyone else? I was hoping to make a list and do my homework from there.
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By Flintstone
My instructor rating is the only one I didn't convert when I came back to the UK, mainly because I ran out of money. Had I done so it would then have been whatever hours were required for me to meet the standard (silence at the back). Now it'd have to be the whole thing from scratch, not a bad idea really.

Sir Morley, how much would your £2000 instructor rating course cost me? :D
By Aaron Fahr
cotterpot wrote:If you give us an idea about the area you would consider/travel to, we won't waste your time with irrelevant ones.

Sorry, yes. I should have said. Anywhere in the UK really. I would probably take it on as a full time course so no need to be near home.
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By Lockhaven
I have heard that On Track Aviation provide good courses but know nothing of their staff or instructors, I think they are based at Wellesbourne Mountford maybe others on here know of them or have met their course instructors.