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By Iceman
There's actually a better video doing the rounds from just above the crash point which gives a far better view of an apparently hot approach.

Iceman 8)
By Harry Brown
plus7g wrote:I think the tyres may be a little flat on the bottom........
Standby for the privateflight/experience/AOC/typerating/operatredincorrectly/overloaded/correctiontoapproachspeeds/contaminatedrunway/tailwind
I cant wait......

You left out "a Wingly flight"?
By Pilot Pete
You can see the nose dip, so he's braking but the deceleration looks insignificant.
I wonder if braking was compromised.
They try to keep the surfaces clear at Courchevel but it may have not been the case.
In something like a Robin or Cessna 182 the normal op's will mean you need power to complete the climb up the slope.
That'll change as the weigh and energy increases with airframes but I'd have thought a PA46 would be fine if handled well.
I wouldn't have thought there would be a big margin though. Perhaps a combination of a little of each of tail wind, high and hot? Wouldn't need too much of each if there was an element of each.
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By tomshep
I would have expected to see a good bit more flap deployed. The trouble is there that if it isn't right in the first place, it isn't going to get better. There is special training required to land at altiports.*

*(Unless you are a British licensed microlight pilot!)
By Lefty
I would suggest he touched down way too late and too fast. Given that a go around is not impossible after you turn final, his goose was cooked long before the video starts.