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Looking for any ideas on basing a C182 in the Sevenoaks area, as I will be bringing mine over soon. I have emailed Biggin, but very keen to hear of any other ideas that people might have! Headcorn maybe?
Can't be a great help as I'm not lucky enough to have an aircraft to base, but very keen to hear how you get on as I also live in Sevenoaks (flying a club aircraft from Biggin).

Not sure if you're moving to the area or are already familiar, but Biggin's about 30 minutes drive and I'm sure you know about the various good and bad (anti-GA) points about it. Redhill's about 40 minutes away, Rochester and Headcorn both about 45 mins. North Weald and Fairoaks are just over an hour (but could be double that if traffic's bad), Lydd about 90 minutes.

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By Lefty
Thurrock is an excellent private airfield with an 800m tarmac runway - and an excellent maintenance company onsite. Very little “ground” facilities, but I would happily base myself there if I lived closer.

It would be 40 mins drive from Sevenoaks.
Iceman wrote:Would north of the Dartford crossing, e.g., Thurrock or Damyns Hall be any good ?

£5 in tolls every time you visit the airfield though. Mind you, I pay £5.50 for a day's parking at Shoreham. Same difference, I suppose.
With a trans-Atlantic capable IFR C182 and an IR, I'd choose Biggin. Its approaches, lighting, hard runway and ATC would help that decision.

I've worked with the guys there and would not wish to hear of the front line enthusiastic ops people being tarred with any broader brush.

Katamarino, if you get nowhere with trying to contact Biggin PM me please.
I agree with Cloud Hound. I used to work for Biggin Hill until recently and at the time I left they were still keen to attract the 'high end' private owner operators. But there is a price to pay for the facilities above the grass field offerings.

North of the River Thames I would avoid as the Dartford crossing is frequently a nightmare traffic jam heading north.