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By Dave W
cecilthecat wrote:BTW every time I post I need to get the post approved for some reason which is a pain as you updated your post twice since mine came up which leaves my original comment out of context, why is this ?

It's because you are a new poster, and is a protection against the large number of spammers taht we get targeting us.

Every new poster has to get their first 3 or 4 posts approved to allow us to catch the bad guys early. You'll soon fall out of this zone if you haven't already.
cecilthecat wrote:Yep that's seems to be the last model supported as don't see the iPhone 6 onwards, I thought that is what I said ??

You said stopped making them from the 5, assuming they only made them up to the 4, so I posted links to the 5. :D

The other links are for the 6 and 7 and 6 and 7 Plus.

I've never liked the x-grip thing. For my tablet I use a Tab Tite.
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Have a look at Brodit mounts : they market s lot for flush or surface mounting in cars : each cradle is specific for a particular phone so no ugly bendy octopus grips

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By GrahamB
PaulSS wrote:I'm a fussy bugger and can't stand things hanging off suction mounts etc, so I'd go for one of these and have a nice, flush, panel-mounted device :D

My panel is crammed full already. Anyway I wouldn't want the hassle of trying to get an EASA mod done.
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By GrahamB
cecilthecat wrote:GrahamB, not sure where you are located but I have a spare X-Mount you can borrow to see if you like it before ordering one ?

That's very kind - I'm at Welshpool, and always looking for an excuse to fly somewhere (although unable to fly for another few days due to family commitments) !

Where are you?