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By Dave W
cecilthecat wrote:BTW every time I post I need to get the post approved for some reason which is a pain as you updated your post twice since mine came up which leaves my original comment out of context, why is this ?

It's because you are a new poster, and is a protection against the large number of spammers taht we get targeting us.

Every new poster has to get their first 3 or 4 posts approved to allow us to catch the bad guys early. You'll soon fall out of this zone if you haven't already.
cecilthecat wrote:Yep that's seems to be the last model supported as don't see the iPhone 6 onwards, I thought that is what I said ??

You said stopped making them from the 5, assuming they only made them up to the 4, so I posted links to the 5. :D

The other links are for the 6 and 7 and 6 and 7 Plus.

I've never liked the x-grip thing. For my tablet I use a Tab Tite.
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Have a look at Brodit mounts : they market s lot for flush or surface mounting in cars : each cradle is specific for a particular phone so no ugly bendy octopus grips

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By GrahamB
PaulSS wrote:I'm a fussy bugger and can't stand things hanging off suction mounts etc, so I'd go for one of these and have a nice, flush, panel-mounted device :D

My panel is crammed full already. Anyway I wouldn't want the hassle of trying to get an EASA mod done.
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By GrahamB
cecilthecat wrote:GrahamB, not sure where you are located but I have a spare X-Mount you can borrow to see if you like it before ordering one ?

That's very kind - I'm at Welshpool, and always looking for an excuse to fly somewhere (although unable to fly for another few days due to family commitments) !

Where are you?
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By GrahamB
Just to report the outcome of this -

I managed to liberate an unused iPhone 6s from my daughter's junk drawer, so bought the RAM dedicated holder. Coupled with the light duty suction cup, the short 1" ball connecting arm and a 1" ball diamond base the whole unit is perfect.

In the AA5 it sticks neatly to the bottom of the bit of the windscreen that wraps around, near line of sight without obscuring any instruments nor the view out.

Thanks for the recommendations and offers of loan bits and pieces.
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By GrahamB
I plan and navigate with full size iPad Pro.

The iPhone is purely to display the SD traffic radar (which is full screen on a phone, and not just a box in the bottom RH corner) as close as possible to eye level to in order to reduce heads down time.
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