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By mona44
Hello all,

I'm wondering if anyone could recommend an IMC rating instructor close to London familiar with Dynon/Avidyne kit? My aircraft has Skyview coupled to an IFD440 and I'm keen to do the training for the rating on that. Any pointer very welcome. Thank you.

Mona 44
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By T67M
I suspect you may struggle to find someone with Dynon IFR experience since it has only recently become legal to fly using this kit in the UK under instrument conditions. The IFD440 is a little more common, but still a relatively new entry into the market.

I would suggest that looking for an IMC instructor with any EFIS experience and accepting that there you may need to do quite a lot of bookwork yourself. Learn on the ground, practice in the air.
By Lerk
You can get an iPad simulator for the ifd440 from avidyne.
I’m just doing my IRr using one connected to G5s and it hasn’t taken much learning.
I think the only thing I came across that I hadn’t worked out intuitively, was how to switch to radio nav rather than GPS and that is easy once you know how!

There is a lot more in the menus for fancy colours and light levels that don’t really affect the flight experience.
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By OpenCirrus619
Give Max a call at Headcorn

Max is certainly my Instructor / Examiner of choice for revalidating IMC / IR(R).

Apart from anything else he's great fun.