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Flyin'Dutch' wrote:I am fine with Wingly, it isn't for me but each to their own.

I once signed up for Project Propeller, it was weathered off that day but had been a bit of a will we or won't we.

Never signed up for it after that - did not enjoy the perceived pressure.

It is not that I don't like taking passengers, done hundreds of pax flights, including introduction flights to strangers but somehow feels different.

I wouldn’t miss PP for the World: it is the most satisfying flying I do. I have had to let my regular veteran down twice (aircraft U/S once and weather once): never the slightest problem. If these guys don’t understand the risks inherent in flying, then nobody does! :thumright:
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Regarding PP, I spent one morning in a supermarket cafe with a veteran just talking about flying while we waited for the weather to pick up. It did and we made it eventually. Another time it was clear that there was going to be very little chance of venturing north from Lee on Solent to PP so I took the veteran to Sandown instead where we sat in the cafe talking about flying.
Jonzarno wrote:If these guys don’t understand the risks inherent in flying, then nobody does! :thumright:

Reminds me of the story of a vet who used to fly the Highland Aviation aircraft solo. The story goes he was away on his own in some pretty poor weather which was causing the school staff and others some concern. Added to that he a was little overdue. He eventually arrived back to numerous concerned enquiries about his well being and asking if he had been concerned about the weather. His dismissive response was along the lines of; 'there was nothing to be concerned about, there weren't any 109s trying to shoot me out the sky'. :shock:

I couldn't help but think this view of life was influenced by him being 90+. :wink:

Tell you what, he could still drink at that age too, as I and my wallet can testify to. :thumleft:

I'd be frightened such a character may see me as a wuss for not flying in poor weather and then again when he peered under the table at me in the bar afterwards. :lol:
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Well clearly 10% is a bit much.

It does go on a lot though, and I believe the reasons are two-fold:

1. The regulatory regime is so onerous that it is almost impossible for a one-man, one-aeroplane air taxi service to operate legitimately in the way that one bloke with a car can become a mini-cab if he wants to supplement his income.

2. Aviation is full of 'characters' and chancers.
You are doing us no favours by saying "a bit much". The 10% is clear and obvious nonsense not a bit much . As I said in my email to The Eye:

" a private pilot I am underwhelmed by your "aviation expert" who is quoted as saying that 10% of all general aviation flights are grey charters. General aviation is everything in aviation that is not Commercial Air Transport or military (so everything from balloons, paramotors, gliders, conventional light aeroplanes and small helicopters, all the way up to large jets operated privately). So for that quote to be true one in ten of us who are bimbling locally to look at the view or flying somewhere for the proverbial £100 slice of cake is a grey charter. Shurely shome mistake. ..."
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BACA, association of AOC holders, appear to provide list of previous flights associated with this footballer transfer, which they want CAA to investigate
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