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Chris Martyr wrote:People in this country tend not to use 'Winter Oil' as such . And it is highly unlikely that Redspan or anyone else will be posting pictures of a can "with the grade upon it" .

Some people do, they use 80 weight in the winter and 100 in the summer.
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By Redspan
Here's the next one: Good Airmanship - CAA Safety Sense - Part 1

I made a couple of minor changes based on the feedback in this forum, but no more.

Part 2 will probably be uploaded in the next day or two.

Again, finding an exact match of image/video to the subject matter isn't always easy so some images are a bit tongue in cheek. See if you can spot them :wink:

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And here is part 2 (of 2).

I think this second part flows a bit better than part 1. The images and video are a better match, although it's still difficult to find an exact match for everything.

May I request that you like/share/comment on YouTube if you think it's worth it? :)

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Another one done, number 2 "Care of Passengers".

I thought this would be quicker because it's shorter but it was difficult to find relevant images and videos among the free stock (as you'll see if you watch it through. Spot the odd matches :cheese: )

I'm going to take some pictures and footage of my own at a local flying club.

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Flintstone wrote:
I find they last longer if you leave the cellophane on.

I am going to mail that to "Money Saving Tips" at Viz Magazine

Rob P