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By chevvron
I'm pretty certain that many of you, like me, will have 'first soloed' in this glider courtesy of either the ATC or the CCF and the experience 'kick started' you to an aviation career either military or civil.
I also know it's anathema to most of you but there's a flight test about this type in the latest issue of a certain other magazine published in the UK for GA Pilots and which has triggered a thread in a certain other aviation forum :whistle: (in the military section).
Just saying.
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By chevvron
It was 613 Halton, 7 Nov 1964 in XA 305 when I did my 3 solos.
Stayed on to become a staff cadet and P2 Grade pilot (nowadays called a G1 Grade) flying air experience.
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By BobD
RAF Sealand, 631 VGS, 18/06/67, WV925, when I was in 611 ATC Squadron, Liverpool (still got my Form 3822, Record of Service to prove it !)
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By Smaragd
RAF Sealand 3 April 1961 (or more specifically, if I remember correctly, we were stationed at Sealand but flying for some reason from Hawarden).
By chevvron
Peter Gristwood wrote:Bovingdon June 1968 for me. Good memories

613 Halton did several detachments to Bovingdon before 617 moved in from Hendon; I flew the first ever launch from Bovingdon on 21 Jun 1965 in Mk3 WT 871. 8)
By Graham56
Mike Tango wrote:At 661 VGS Kirknewton for me. Don’t have my 3822 to hand, but it would have been in ‘79 sometime for first solo.

Same VGS, same airfield, but in 1976. Before I could drive.