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Lockhaven wrote:It does make you wonder, if they are asking people not to spectculate then why publicise the arrest :scratch:

Before we had instant social media and 24 hour news channels did they notify the public of arrests ?

If you don't want people to use his name then charge him.

Sub judice takes precident.

By KeithM
Firstly, publicising the person’s age or, indeed, their gender doesn’t help in preventing speculation does it?

Secondly, if all published age information thus far has been accurate, one could speculate about at least two names who can be ruled out or is negative speculation also inappropriate?
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By KeithM
Rob P wrote:Ah... But in light of The Times article, we are no longer speculating, merely commenting on news reports ;)

Rob P

Ah, but perhaps said news report is speculative, based on information published in previous news reports?

I couldn’t possibly comment.

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Sorry, I know it's the Mail, but... ... HOURS.html

David Henderson's name was on a flight plan submitted to Nantes airport on Monday - the day of the journey - before it was cancelled and replaced with a second plan with David Ibbotson named as the pilot, officials have revealed.

Another source also claimed that Mr Henderson's passport was scanned at the airport on Monday, despite the experienced pilot categorically denying any involvement with Sala's flight.

Mr Henderson, 60, from York, told MailOnline he had not been in France, adding: 'I have not been to Nantes for one year.'

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Quality writing from The Mail

Sala's flight went missing near Guernsey an hour after take off after ice either became clogged in the propeller or affecting the wings

I feel unlcean

I can send some Lysol
By johnm
The Mail, the Express, the Sun, the Star and the Times are less use than the Beano if you want anything factual....The Telegraph and Mirror are not far behind either...….
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