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By FlyingSparky
Good afternoon aviators,

Might seem a silly question but after scouring google I can't seem to find an answer. When flying a star, for example the Jersey 2B, is it possible to join the star and fly the arrival after the starting waypoint? The Jersey 2B starts at Anglo but is it possible to join at Dikro and continue the arrival from there?

Cheers :thumleft:
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By JonathanB
Not sure you could file it to start anywhere other than the first fix, but you may be given an intermediate point by ATC to pick up the STAR part way in.
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By GrahamB
You could try filing a series of DCTs from your proposed starting point, but it may not validate.

I’d file with the STAR, or even ignore it completely, and on the day request what seems sensible.
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By welkyboy
The STAR’s link up to the airway system, how can you join a star inside the initial reporting point? if operating off Airways you won’t be cleared onto a STAR
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By JonathanB
We routinely issue STARs and then clear traffic to a point on the STAR other than the first fix.
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By GrahamB
It might help if you tell us where you are coming from, and at what altitude, and you might get a better answer.
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By AlanM
Flying Sparky,

For the Jersey 2B you will need to speak to Brest Control as the aircraft are handed to Jersey control 125.205 approaching BEVAV, descending FL140. (Standard silent handover) anything else should be co-ordinated.

However Brest will often just route direct JSY without coordination.

What are you trying to achieve by routeing direct DIKRO....? Are you aiming to approach from the north?

If you are around FL70 I would call Deauville and see if they can help. The issue may be the FPL and getting it accepted.

It is a quiet piece of airspace so from a Jersey ATC point of view easy - but involving two French units.